“This company was really helpful in finding my needs for my skin with their products!”                                                                                     - Cindy

“The body wash works great and it is grea knowing that it is not harmful to the environment!”                                                                         - Miranda

“...My whole family uses these products especially the hair & body oils in the winter months. Keeps our skin hydrated and smoothe.”            - Anna

"I have had oily skin most of my life, so I've always been skeptical about buying and using products that are made with an oil base. But my skin was forever changed when I was introduced to this all natural skin care line by DestinyFULLfilling that contained coconut oil and other natural organic oils that I could actually apply to my face with no greasy residue and did not cause any breakouts due to the oils in the product. I am convinced that they have formulated all the RIGHT ingredients to make this AMAZING skin / hair line!!"                                                                -Jeanette