Starting as a hobby, DestinyFULLfilling, LLC has come a long way since 2014. Built around that all our body needs are simple ingredients to remain healthy. Kimberly also loves to travel and experience different heritages & cultures around the world. So combining a love of working with her hands, nature & travel and went to work.

She believes everyone has their own given beauty that deserves to be nourished with what is already here on Earth.
Kim also believes that this world is a beautiful place with beautiful people on it and everyone has something special to share in it.  With Westgate Resorts all over the world, she has been able to participate in different cultures; which has made her life much bigger and richer.  Through travel, we all can have those experiences as well.

Her products are all-natural and organic with no chemicals. She uses no fragrances! The vibrant, rich scents in her products come from essential oils only. Nothing chemical or man-made enter our products. Every ingredient is easy to read and understand.

Kimberly Rice